Water Damage Restoration

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Emergency Response

The first 24- to 48- hours after water damage are known as the “golden hours” of recovery. An effective emergency response team that quickly stabilizes the facility ensures the recovery of as much property as possible.

Water Damage Restoration for Your Home or Business

It is uncalled for and unnecessary to delay mitigation while waiting for an insurance representative to arrive on the scene and evaluate the loss/damage. By that time, in all probabilities, enough time will have passed to grow and amplify microorganismsm (which may not be covered by insurance). Our emergency service specialists stop water damage on walls, ceilings, carpets, wood floors and minimize structural damage to your property. Our water damage team can extract water, remove water-damaged materials, dry, dehumidify, deodorize, and disinfect all areas flooded or damaged by water whether in your home or business.

First steps to take in every water damage situation:

1. Locate and stop the water source.

2. Be aware of hazards such as electric shock, slipping and toxic odors from sewer back-ups.

3. Move valuables to high-ground.

4. Put furniture on wood blocks, tin foil or plastic wrap.

5. Remove all standing water.

6. Call a certified and qualified restoration contractor.

7. Call your insurance agent to see about coverage.

WATER DAMAGE drying fans

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Extraction

The professionals will begin this process by using submersible pumps to mop up any water that the wet vacuums may have missed. This step also helps speed along drying time, and helps prevent mold and any secondary water damage. Afterwards, the pad and carpets will be inspected closely, to protect as much subfloor as possible. We use moisture detectors and hygrometers to measure how bad the moisture saturation in the room really is. If the damage is extra bad, there are truck-mounted and portable extraction units to help get the job done.

Soot Film Removal

The acidic soot and smoke damage that is often produced when fires are extinguished accelerates the deterioration and corrosion of building components and vital assets. To compound the problem, fires are most frequently extinguished with dry chemicals or water. Plus, the toxic smoke odor left behind must be neutralized and deodorized. The fire damage restoration process includes mitigating damage, providing smoke damage cleanup and water restoration as quickly as possible after the damage first occurs. Beyond the visible structural damage, contents inside the structure must be evaluated for recovery based on a number of factors including:

De-Humidification & Drying

When a facility has flood or water damage, however minor, it is important to remove the moisture immediately in order to prevent mold growth. Mold911 specializes in moisture control and dehumidification by locating the source of the water penetration, mapping the moisture in the facility and developing a drying plan. Building dehumidification requires rapid response and thorough drying of materials in order to prevent future mold growth and allow you to reopen your facility. Our desiccant dehumidification moisture control process, in conjunction with fans and directed air movement, removes moisture from the air of affected facilities.


When a home or business becomes victim to fire or flood, the roof or building structure can suffer significiant damage that leaves the building contents and interior spaces open to the environment. The longer a structure is compromised, the greater the chances for even more problems. Shrink Wrap is a cost-effective solution until permanent repairs can be made. It is durable and strong, and can outperform traditional tarp and board-up methods of protecting property. Plus, shrink wrap is environmentally-friendly and completely recyclable.

Mold Removal and Remediation

we are Tulsa's premiere Mold Remediation Company.

Corrossion Control -

Mechanical, electrical or electronic equipment may seem resistant to contamination and corrosion but immediate attention and help is needed after an incident. Smoke, soot, acid and water are common sources of contamination. Corrosive, conductive and abrasive deposits (sludge) can severely impact the functionality, reliability and service life of equipment. We use an effective combination of restoration agents and procedures to remove all types of corrosion without attacking materials and coatings. Our proven stabilization techniques can prevent equipment from becoming impaired, reduce the amount of restoration needed and lower recovery costs.


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