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Free Phone Consultation: 888-665-3405 / Tulsa 918-770-4888 / OKC 405-805-6644

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It's not very often these days that you can expect to be treated fairly and with as much professionalism as Mitch did with our mold problem. Mitch (owner of Mold 911) was the definition of a perfect customer service professional. My wife and I just moved into a rental and began experiencing head aches and repertory problem from the first week we moved in. After investigating a small water leak, it was discovered that there was black mold in several areas of the house. My wife was pregnant with our first child and we both knew the health hazards of breathing mold. After several attempts to convince the leasing company that there was a health hazard, they wouldn't do anything to help us remedy the situation. I called Mold 911 and Mitch really knew what he was talking about. It wasn't a cheap test to run without cause. I decided for the peace of mind it was worth it. Upon getting the results back the very next day, Mitch told us to get out of that house at all cost. As for the leasing company, we handed them the mold report and threatened a lawsuit. We were refunded our deposit as well as moving costs. None of it would have been possible without Mitch and his expertise at Mold 911. If you are worried about mold, look no further! Mold 911 is the only choice.