Certified Mold Inspection that includes Mold Sampling/Testing

MOLD911 is the most cost effective Mold Inspection service in Tulsa Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas. We bring our Mold Inspection experience to you so that you can have confidence about your home and business that affect your family and health. We provide you with a detailed, comprehensive, easy to understand lab mold analysis and our assessment report. This report will help us determine the extent of your mold problem. In some cases no further action is needed. In more serious cases our Mold Removal service will take care of all your mold issues. We are here to provide simple and honest mold inspection services with our lowest price guarantee.


Mold Inspection Costs includes Mold Testing

We provide FREE ESTIMATES, and minimum charge to come out for a mold inspection is about $300, which includes 2 indoor samples and 1 outdoor control sample. We do charge additional fees for extra test samples and for extra distance driven.

Not all MOLD Lab Reports confirms TOXIC MOLD, unfortunately this one does.

mold lab report

What is the Mold Inspection Process?

Visual Inspection

During the investigation we will do a complete visual inspection of all accessible areas of the home, locate potential water penetration and other problem conditions, and search for any visible evidence of mold growth throughout the habitable areas of the property during this inspection.

Mold Air & Surface Test Sampling

On some occasions evidence of a problem condition cannot be visually seen, but must be detected instead by taking air samples for analysis. Typically, air samples are taken of the outdoor and indoor air for spore collecting. This is done to determine if mold spore counts filtered from the indoor air are unusually high in comparison to the mold spore count filtered from the air just outside your property. It also indicates types of mold at the property. This is a typical and basic test that is often done as part of a professional mold inspection routine.

Mold Lab Tested

After the samples are sent to an accredited 3rd party laboratory for analysis, MOLD911 will contact you within a couple of days and provide a copy of the lab results and a written report produced by MOLD911. This written report will explain the lab results and our findings in plain, easy-to-understand English. It will also include a plan for explaining the severity of mold growth in your property as well as the remediation process necessary to remove the mold and any steps necessary to prevent the mold from reoccurring.

Mold Remediation Assessment Report

A written report of our mold inspectors findings, including color digital photos, spore levels and types, and our inspectors final conclusions and recommendations will be e-mailed to you as one final comprehensive report. Only when our professional mold inspector has reported the locations and severity of your mold problem, and cited the reason for, and solutions to the infestation, can you know what you are up against.


Now that we've identified the water source and confirmed that MOLD levels are elevated, it's time to read about...



"The Doctors" and Mitch, owner of Mold911 discuss TOXIC MOLD. and helps a family resolve their MOLD problems.