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Mold Testing helps you know what’s in your home’s air. Poor indoor air quality is a trigger for allergies, illness, and health concerns for you and your family.  Professional Mold Testing accurately determines the type of mold species and airborne mold spore concentration levels detected in your indoor air.  Schedule an Appointment Today. Call 888-665-3405.

Mold Testing is the second part of our Mold Inspection Service.  Mold Tests identify mold species and airborne mold spore concentration levels. The moisture issues causing Mold growth needs to be investigated and repaired prior to Mold Remediation.

What is Mold Testing?

Mold911 Mold Testing is the collection and testing of air and or surface samples to identify and list all detected mold species and their airborne mold spore concentrations levels.

Air and or Surface Sampling

Our standard mold test includes the collection of 3 air samples. 1 sample taken outside the property and 2 inside the property air samples is captured in Air-O-Cell cassettes using ZEFON BioPump Plus Sampling Pump for 10 (10) minutes at a rate of fifteen(15) liters of air per minute.

At times, we may replace one indoor air sample or add an additional surface sample. The surface sample would be tape-lifted using Bio-Tape Surface Sampler.

Certified Mold Inspector

Mold911 uses an Industry Standard of 3x (inside vs outside), depending on the mold species, to determine whether or not a mold issue exists inside the property. If an indoor sample indicates that a particular species of mold is 3x higher than the outdoor sample, then most likely there is active mold growth.

Due to its potential toxicity, we always report any airborne presence of mold species Stachybotrys and Chaetomium.

Independent Mold Laboratory

InspectorLabs is a full service environmental analytical laboratory, specializing in mold analysis. The laboratory is headed by Dr. John Shane, Ph.D. mycologist and nationally recognized indoor air quality expert.

The InspectorLab Mold|Safe Accuracy Guarantee offers the long-sought-after assurance by home and mold inspectors that home buyers, home sellers, and real estate agents can rely on to ensure they are getting a problem-free property.  For more information about InspectorLabs click here.

Mold Test Lab Results

A Certificate of Analysis from the Lab will identify and list all detected mold species and their airborne mold spore concentrations levels.

Protocol for Mold Remediation

Based on the information concluded from;

If elevated mold levels from a particular mold species are confirmed we provide Recommended Mold Remediation Protocols.

Clearance Testing

At times, when other mold remediation contractors complete their work, we can provide a 3rd party clearance/post mold test to ensure indoor air quality has been restored.

Postponed Due to Weather

Weather and precipitation, like rain and snow, affect the determination of a potential inside active mold issue. We prefer to postpone the Mold Testing until the weather has cleared.

How Much Does Mold Inspection & Mold Test cost?

  • about $350.00
  • includes Mold Test with 3 Air Samples
  • An investigation into Moisture Issues
  • Determine Mold Species & Mold Concentration Levels
  • Expedited Lab Analysis Report
  • About 45 minutes of your time
  • Additional charge for Extra Samples

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Sampling Methods

Air sampling -

Air Sampling is our most common form of air testing to assess airborne mold spore levels of indoor and outdoor air quality. Air sampling identifies mold species and airborne concentration levels.

Surface / Swab sampling -

We swab or tape life the area being sampled, often a measured area, and subsequently sent to the mold testing laboratory. The final results will indicate mold species.

Bulk sampling - 

Removal of material from the contaminated area to identify and quantify the mold in the sample.

Mold Testing Lab Analysis Report

Lab report are important documents that you can use to present homeowners, renters, landlords, tenants, realtors, potential homebuyers and employees with to assure them, that the environment they are in has normal air quality conditions.

Lab Report indicates NORMAL Levels of Mold, no further action is necessary

  • No further Mold Remediation is needed
  • MOLDSAFE Guarantee
  • Peace of Mind

Lab Report Indicates PROBLEM detected Elevated Levels of Toxic Mold

  • Comprehesive & detailed lab report explains the elevated levels and types of toxic mold found.
  • We also provide information about Mold remediation
residential mold testing

Residential & Commercial Mold Testing

Homes, Multi-Family Homes, Apartment, Co-ops, Town Homes, Condiminiums, New Construction, Renovations

Offices, Government Offices, Municipal Buildings, Warehouses, Daycare Centers, Recreatioonal Facilities, Nurssing Homes, Hospitals, Restaurants, Retail Stores