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How do I test for Mold?

It is usually not easy to identify mold species growing in indoor areas, and CDC doesn’t recommend using routine samples for mold testing. Recent evidence shows that allergies are the common forms of diseases that are often linked to molds.…

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Mold Prevention Recommendations

Minimize Mold Outbreaks  Controlling Moisture is the key to controlling mold. When water leaks or floods occur indoors – act quickly. Any initial water infiltration should be stopped and cleaned promptly. A prompt response (within 24-48 hours) and thorough clean-…

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microscopic image of mold spores

Is All Mold Toxic?

Is All Mold Toxic? Not all Mold are toxic.  Certain Mold produce mycotoxins that pose potential health risks.  Mold can also damage building materials and structure.  Any sign of mold should be dealt with as soon as possible because, over…

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What is Mold? Benefits and Concerns

What is Mold? Molds are a type of fungus usually seen as a furry coating, that grows on cellulose materials, vegetables, and animal matter.  It’s important to the environment because it breaks down decaying organic material. Produces Enzymes & Mycotoxins…

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