MOLD911's Frequently Asked Questions

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Mold Remediation, Certified Mold Inspection and Mold Testing

Mold Removal / Remediation Process

Mold911 Mold Removal / Remediation Procedures Mold911 follows the strict Mold Remediation Guidelines of IICRC 1520. Our mold remediation professionals begins the mold removal process by containing the work area to prevent cross-contamination of mold spores to non-affected areas of…

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Sample Mold Test Reports

Mold “Sample” Analysis & Results Once the Mold Inspection / Test is complete, we overnight the air samples to a third-party lab, for their independent analysis and report. Lab Test Report can only confirm; Mold type or species detected Mold…

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Family Affected by Toxic Mold Episode

The Doctors Toxic Mold Episode featuring Mold911 Owner, Mitch Renberg Stacie and Daniel are joined by toxicologist Dr. Noreen Kahn-Mayberry, cardiologist Dr. Mehran Khorsandi, mold expert Mitch Renberg and internist Dr. Avi Ishaaya to learn how toxic mold has affected…

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Is Mold Inspection & Mold Testing neccessary?

By Catching Hidden Mold Growth Early, You Can Prevent Further Damage to Your Home. One of the frequently asked questions by concerned homeowners is whether Mold Inspection and Mold Testing are necessary.  Sometimes indoor mold growth is obvious and visible…

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certified mold inspection

How to Get Rid of Mold on Walls?

Case Study: Mold on Bathroom Walls A customer called, worrying about a musty odor in the bathroom.  Her main concern was the safety of the children, especially the one with asthma. She mentioned seeing small amounts of mold on the…

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mold glossary

Types of Mold – Glossary

Mold Species – Information All spores found in indoor air are also normally found in outdoor air because most originate or live in the soil and on dead or decaying plants. Therefore, it is not unusual to find mold spores…

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mold on walls

Musty Odor in Apartment

Case Study: Musty Odors in Apartment A frustrated tenant called with concerns of an overwhelming musty smell on the first floor of his apartment.  Even his friends told him that it smells like mold.   He stated, “I’ve tried every cleaner…

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mold remediation

Stachybotrus is the “Black Mold”

Stachybotrys Chartarum aka Black Mold Black Mold or Toxic Mold usually refers to Stachybotrys chartarum.  Stachybotrys chartarum is a greenish-black colored type of mold. It commonly grows in places that have a constant water source i.e. leaking pipes, and high…

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people affected by mold

Mold Health Affects

Frequent exposure to mold in indoor areas is not so much of a health concern. But there are people whose sensitivity to mold often makes them exhibit mold symptoms like skin and eye irritation, wheezes and nasal stuffiness due to…

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mold cleaning

Mold Cleaning for Small Areas in Your Home

Mold may be removed off non-porous materials through cleanups using simple cleansing agents like detergent and water, or by adding little bleach solution to the soap mixture. Surfaces like tiles, wallpaper and rugs which are either absorbent or porous should…

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