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MOLD911's Accurate & Comprehensive

Certified Mold Inspection &
Mold Testing Service

Peace of Mind for Homeowners
Investigation of Water Intrusion Issues
Identify Mold Species and Levels
Comprehensive Mold Assessment & Lab Report
About 45 minutes to complete
MoldSafe Guarantee
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Certified Mold Inspection and Testing Services

Servicing Tulsa, Oklahoma and its surrounding areas.

Our Certified Mold Inspection service includes, a Visual Inspection with Mold Assessment Report, Humidity Testing, Mold Testing, Air and/or Surface Sampling with Detailed Lab Report.

High Humidity/Active Water Source and Sheetrock can cause Mold Growth

Once you see visible mold, you typically don't even need a test anymore. Call us as soon as you think you might have a problem. You can usually tell you have mold by a musty smell. The quicker you get a Mold Inspection, the sooner we can remediate mold growth.


Cost of a Certfied Mold Inspection
and what's included?

  1. Average cost is about $350.00
  2. Visual Inspection of the affected area and determination of water source
  3. Mold Testing includes 1 outdoor control sample and 2 indoor air samples
  4. Mold Assessment & Lab Report
  5. MOLDSAFE Guarantee

What is the Mold Inspection Process?

Step 1

The Visual Inspection

The first step in MOLD911's Certified Mold Inspection process is to non-intrusively determine if mold is present by examining your home or business for signs of active water sources and or water intrusion problemsVisible mold helps to determine the level of remediation necessary. If mold is actively growing and visibly confirmed, mold testing may not be necessary.  At which point, we can provide you a FREE Mold Remediation Estimate. 

Intrusive observation is sometimes needed to assess the mold level. This includes moving furniture, lifting (or removing) carpets, checking behind wallpaper or paneling, checking ventilation ductwork and exposing wall cavities. Our Certified Mold Inspectors can recognize musty odors and will focus on areas where there are signs of active water sources or water intrusion problems.


Active Water Sources

  • High Humidity
  • HVAC Condensation
  • Roof leaks
  • Leaky pipes
  • Water Damage

Water Intrusion Issues

  • Flooding issues
  • Grading issues
  • Drainage issues
  • Cracks in foundation or exterior walls

High Humidity Levels

Humidity levels above 70%- 75% detected in rooms, wall cavities, crawlspaces, and attics can be a problem, especially if there is little to no ventiliation or air movement.


Mold Testing / Air or Surface Sampling

All spores found in indoor air are also normally found in outdoor air because most originate or live in the soil and on dead or decaying plants. Therefore, it is not unusual to find mold spores in indoor air.

Mold911's Standard Mold Test will include 3 samples. The goal is compare the outdoor air sample to two indoor air samples. Our lab will analyze the samples and report the mold species and concentration levels detected. If the levels of mold detected is normal, no further mold remediation is required. If the levels of mold are elevated we will be able to provide you information about mold remediation services. 

  • Our 3 sample Standard Mold Test should take approximately 45 minutes to complete
  • Additional charge for extra samples taken if needed.


Post Testing / Clearance Testing

At times, our clients request a post mold abatement clearance test. Or when other mold remediation contractors complete their work, we provide a 3rd party clearance mold test to ensure that the air quality has been restored to normal conditions.


Mold Assessment & Lab Report

The Mold assessment and lab report are important documents that you can use to present homeowners, renters, landlords, tenants, realtors, potential homebuyers and employees with to assure them, that the environment they will be in has normal air quality conditions.

Lab Report indicates NORMAL Levels of Mold, no further action is necessary

  • No further Mold Remediation is needed
  • MOLDSAFE Guarantee
  • Peace of Mind that your Air Quality in your home or business is normal.

Lab Report Indicates PROBLEM detected Elevated Levels of Toxic Mold

  • Comprehesive & detailed lab report explains the elevated levels and types of toxic mold found.
  • Our easy to understand mold assessment report is based on our Mold Inspection and Lab findings
  • We also provide information about Mold remediation

Common Areas in your Home or Business where we find MOLD

Crawl spaces
Wall cavities
Exposed foundation walls
Bathroom / kitchen walls
Windows and window sills
Air conditioning and heating vents
Fireplace and/or chimneys


Now that we've identified the water source and confirmed that MOLD levels are elevated, it's time to read about Mold Remediation.


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