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Musty Odor in Apartment

Case Study: Musty Odors in Apartment

A frustrated tenant called with concerns of an overwhelming musty smell on the first floor of his apartment.  Even his friends mentioned that smells like mold.   The bad odor wouldn't go away.  He stated, "I've tried every cleaner from the hardware store, but the smell just won't go away." At this point he needed to call someone, luckily it was Mold911.  The tenant and his child have asthma.  They spend most of the time upstairs because the smell is so bad downstaris.

Our Explaination of Musty Odors

We mentioned, "Mold is everywhere indoors and out. It is naturally occurring from decaying leaves and organic material.  Certain types of Mold produces invisible airborne spores in the form of mycotoxins, which can affected people with asthma, children, pregnant women and the elderly.  When mold is actively growing it produces VOC (Volatile Organic Compound - definition stated by EPA) and emits an odor. VOC is a living organism and the smell warns other organisms.  Our concern is active mold growth or elevated mold.  So if there has been water, food source, and high humidity it’s the perfect environment for mold to grow."

Mold Testing

We explained the Mold testing process.  Our sample size is 15 liters per minute for 10 minutes for a total of 150ml.  We will take 3 samples, 1 outdoor air sample to use as control / baseline and 2 indoor air samples.  In this case, one air sample on the first floor and one air sample on the second.  We overnight the air samples to the lab for analysis and report.  The mycologist will make the determination if mold levels are elevated.

Mold Inspection and Testing Results

During our Mold Inspection we investigated and determined the water source causing the Mold growth. An on-going slow leak from upstairs pipes we saturating the walls and floor of his apartment.  The leak needed to be fixed prior to mold remediation.  And once the test results came back, we informed the tenant that elevate mold levels was detected.  He presented the landlord with our findings and lab analysis report.  The landlord released the tenant from lease and he decided to move.

Mold Testing and Content Cleaning prior to Moving Into a New Place

Our customer wanted Mold Testing before moving into his new place. He also wanted us to cleaning the contents of his belongings before bringing them to his new place.  Content cleaning includes hepa vacuuming, antimicrobial wipe down of all non-porous materials.

Another Satisfied Customer

We are happy to say that our customer is breathing easy in his new apartment free from elevated mold levels.