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Coronavirus Commercial Cleaning

Mold911 provides Enviromental Cleaning in non-health care facilities ( e.g. rooms, hotels, public offices, transports, schools etc.) where 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) confirmed or strongly suspected.

Mold911 certified mitigation personnel have been properly fit tested and trained for the PPE equipment and cleaning/ disinfection equipment.

The causative agent involved in the current outbreak is an acute respiratory disease belonging to the family of Coronaviridae, a large family of enveloped, positive-sense single stranded RNA virus. Coronavirus are transmitted in in most instances through large respiratory droplets and contact transmission with surfaces. However, other modes of transmission are suspected as well.

  • It is suspected that the viral particles can survive for several days on surfaces indoors. Due to the potential survival of the virus on surfaces for several days, the premises and areas potentially contaminated should be cleaned before re-use, using products containing antimicrobial agents known to be effective against coronavirus.

Preparation before apply disinfection measure to project.

• JSA-Job safety analysis
• Equipment designation (Fogger- 30 to 50 microns)
• EPA 6 log High Level disinfection and  Organic Antimicrobial
• (PPE) Tyvecks, Gloves, eye protection
a) Filtering face mask (FFP) respirators class 2 or 3
b) Goggles or face shield
c) Disposable long-sleeved water-resistant PPE
d) Disposable gloves

Safety - Minimization of exposure risk.

• Systematic qualitative fit-testing of respirators;
• The principle of "no skin exposed";
• Actively-assisted donning.

PPE user needs to test the coverall's fit by kneeling down and lifting the arms when fully covered by the PPE ensemble. This needs to be done before entering a contaminated work zone. Shoe coverings – outer and inner. Gloves outer and inner.

Safety - Minimization of secondary contamination risk.

• Fixed connections of gloves/boots to coverall enabling ‘one stroke’ doffing;
• Actively-assisted doffing; have a coworker check your PPE on and off
• Strict barrier based on a model of three zones with high, low and no transmission risk.
Clear Zone, Transition Zone, Operating zone

Zones / Work Area / Barriers

• Mark Zones Clearly
• Instruction to workers should be displayed at the entrance to the clear zone
• Use disposable PPE, remove and place outer ppe in plastic bag.
• Remove inner PPE in the clear zone and place into plastic bag or disinfection solution, sanitize hands before
leaving with an alcohol-based sanitizer.
• PPE is put on in the Clear Zone
Properly removing the outer glove keeping the inner glove under layer clean in the transition zone

Remove booties and (PPE) after removing outer gloves, fold and roll down tyveck leaving face and goggles on. Remove goggles and face mask before exiting the transition zone. Immerse goggles and re-useable face mask in a solution of sodium hypochlorite .5 percent minimum before moving to the clear zone.

Disinfecting & Cleaning

All frequently touched areas, such as all accessible surfaces of walls and windows, the toilet bowl and bathroom surfaces, should be also carefully cleaned. We recommend, All textiles (eg. Bed linens, curtains, etc.) should be washed using a hot water cycle (194 F) and adding laundry detergent.

*When disinfecting & cleaning, it is important to keep the facility ventilated in order to protect the health of the cleaning personnel.

  • Pre-disinfection
  • Load reduction – Pre Fog
  • Antimicrobial Dry Microfiber wipe down
  • Post disinfection Top to bottom, Rear to exit
  • Fog on touch contaminated surfaces after cleaning

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CDC Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations for


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