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Mold Remediation Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma and its surrounding areas


MOLD911 combines conventional cleaning with state-of-the-art technology to provide the most comprehensive air cleaning, mold remediation, certified mold inspection, mold testing and water damage restoration services available in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City. We specialize in indoor environmental investigations and preventative cleaning measures.

Mold Inspection


Visual non-invasive inspection of potential water sources causing the Mold growth, includes Mold Testing.

Mold Removal


We collect 1 outdoor (control) and 2 indoor samples and our Mold lab reports type of Mold species and the concentrations detected.



With over 15 years experience, the MOLD911, offer affordable Mold Remediation for your home or business.



Certified Mold Remediation and Inspection Professionals.

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Mold Remediation Services

If you can visibly see MOLD, call 888-665-3405 for a free phone consultation (Free Estimates for Homeowners.) Depending on the severity of your Mold problem, we should walk-through your property and properly assess the situation (Certified Mold Inspection) in order to give a more accurate estimate.  In a few cases with smaller Mold problems, we can suggest alternative Mold removal solutions that you may be able to do yourself.  Don't forget to check out our About Mold section.

Mold Inspection / Mold Testing Services

If you think you have Mold, MOLD911 also provides Certified MOLD Inspection service that includes Mold Sampling/Testing and our Mold Assessment report. By taking air or surface samples we can accurately determine the type of mold species and the concentration levels of Mold in your home or business. Our mold assessment report will layout the recommended course of action in dealing with your Mold issue.



We can answer all your questions and concerns regarding Mold, Mold Inspection and Testing, and Mold Remediation

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"The Doctors" and Mitch, owner of Mold911 discuss TOXIC MOLD. and helps a family resolve their MOLD problems.


Customer Testimonials

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"They made an appointment, showed up promptly, and were very pleasant. Explained everything they were testing, and set up the test equipment to sample in three locations. True to their word, the levels returned were within normal ranges, and they provided me the full report on the results, and didn't pressure me to buy services it turned out we didn't need. That's the best recommendation for a business right there! They really knew their stuff, and from their examples they've seen all sorts of cases. "

- W. Buckles -

"It went GREAT! The guys were professional, punctual, and obviously knew exactly what they were doing. The building I had tested was so overrun with mold that it really needed to be torn down, rather than make any attempt to remove the mold. If remediation had been feasible, I would not hesitate to hire them. They were very honest, and made no attempt whatsoever to try and talk me into having any more work done, as it was pretty much a lost cause. I only paid for the air quality testing and subsequent written laboratory test results."

- C. Ottman -

"...Mitch called me back the next day to tell me that the physical test in our child's room had come back positive for a potentially dangerous type of mold and that the air samples had shown the same. He emailed the results from the lab to me for me to review. It was not entirely surprising due to the fact that we had a pipe break in that area recently. Mitch gave me a breakdown of the work that would be needed to fix the problem. We hired Mitch and his crew to perform the remediation. they were very polite and did an excellent job. Taking down drywall and tile can be very messy, but his team were very clean and left the area ready for new walls. Very good experience!"

- S. Humphrey -

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